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Water Heating

Most water heater installation plumbers install water heaters right out of the box without field upgrades. These plumbing contractors may use new valves and flexible hoses and maybe even a new gas valve but the water heater itself is installed exactly as it comes from the manufacturer. These are otherwise very good water heaters, but they can be made to be better. As a homeowner this is important, because it directly impacts the life of the water heater and when it will need to be replaced.

Every water heater installed by Gem Statewide Plumbing undergoes a comprehensive field upgrade to make sure your water heater lasts a long time and gives you years of trouble free service. It is better than new, it is Gem Upgraded !

What we do to make your water heater better than new:

  1. We add a second anode rod to the tank to provide extra protection against rust and corrosion. This adds significant life to the tank and more years of trouble-free service.
  2. We replace the factory installed straight dip tube with a specially designed curved dip tube that facilitates sediment removal during the drain/flush maintenance. The bottom of your water heater tank is rounded and without a curve dip tube, much of the sediment remains on the bottom even after a drain/flush service.
  3. We replace the factory installed drain valve (usually plastic) with a brass full port water heater flush valve that allows faster sediment removal during the drain/flush service. This specially designed valve has larger opening and allows sediment to be removed more efficiently.
  4. We use special plastic lined dielectric connectors to virtually eliminate electrolysis and the associated corrosion around the connectors that shortens the life of most water heaters.

All of these upgrades translate into a better water heater and one that should give you many years of service. Yes, it takes more time to install and there is added cost with the additional parts, but the result is a far superior installation and one that protects your investment. In fact a Gem Statewide Plumbing installed water heater coupled with annual maintenance could be the last water heater you ever need to install.

We back this up with an iron-clad warranty. Gem Statewide Plumbing provides a 10-year bumper-to-bumper warranty. This is not a 10-year tank warranty that doesn’t cover labor that some manufacturers will sell you for an additional price, but a true bumper-to-bumper warranty that covers parts and labor for a full 10 years. This is exclusive in the industry and we have the confidence to provide this warranty because of the upgrades we perform. Because annual maintenance is also critical to the life expectancy of the water heater, the warranty requires that maintenance be performed once per year to inspect the anode rod for depletion and to do a drain/flush service. If you are looking for a plumber please call us today or complete our Online Request Form.

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