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Probably the most common cause of serious clogs are tree roots which can penetrate sewer lines that run from the house to the street via joints or cracks. A thoroughly clogged sewage pipe can cause backups in all of a home’s drains. New technology is opening these lines faster. Particularly impressive are high-pressure tools that jet water at more than 3,000 pounds per square inch down sewer lines to open stubborn clogs. Our professional plumbers can help you resolve your clogged drain problems today.

At Gem Statewide Plumbing, we specialize in residential and commercial drain cleaning.

In addition to traditional rootering (snaking), we offer hydro-jetting to remove the grease and debris that accumulates over time and results in costly backups. Hydro-jetting is the most effective form of drain cleaning there is. Over time drains become impacted and the internal diameter decreases slowly until the pipe is completely clogged. A hydro-jet treatment will remove most, if not all of the debris depending on the amount of accumulation and time since the last cleaning, resulting in trouble-free drains.

Hydro-Jetters use heavy-duty power nozzles attached to powerful hoses and high-pressure water, much like, but more powerful than, a fire hose. The high-pressure water in a hydro-jetter literally pushes debris out of the pipes, either breaking it into small pieces, or by moving it towards a larger area of the pipe where it can be broken up. Grease is often part of the reason for such blockages.

Hydro-jetting is often the first step to a clean pipe system, followed by proper routine maintenance thereafter.  Gem Statewide Plumbing employs a comprehensive service program to establish and maintain the health of a drain system. Part of this service program is the application of specially selected and produced cocktails of naturally occurring bacteria that breaks down and destroys the grease that is often the source of pipe line blockages.

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